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Of our country's ten water borax extraction ten borax simple method Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-17

10 water borax in China is given priority to with the liaoning, qinghai, Tibet and other places also have part of the boron ore, ten water borax factory has been studying the new method of producing water and borax, recent ten water borax manufacturer to open a new production method.

10 water borax extraction ten process steps of borax include four steps:

first, borax factory ten water by physical method to break boron ore or deposit into particles of the particle size of 1 cm; Secondly, borax factory will these into the container for heat treatment; Then, 10 water borax factory 3 - to join in the mixture material weight 4 times of water, cooling process; Finally, the solution of the upper part of the saturated solution into another container, after evaporation condensation, is a product of photoacoustic out ten water borax.

10 water borax manufacturers using this method, simple technology, don't need to join the chemical raw materials, and there was no pollution to the environment, the production cost is low, and the output is high.

10 water borax factory open this technology, the requirement of temperature is very strict, there will be a lot of resources in the process of leakage, and the need for secondary processing.

10 water borax factory has already started the technology at present, the effect also can, but I still have a lot of equipment to keep up with production, also need to further improve or update.

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