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On April 1, regional soda ash

by:Yixin     2021-01-05

on April 1 in central China soda ash light stability, light factory quotation 1600 - alkali mainstream About 1700 yuan/ton, heavy alkali - 1850 About 1950 yuan/ton, weak market movements. Is expected late prices fluctuate more narrow regional market.

soda in north China on April 1, consolidation, mainstream light alkali factory quotation 1700 - About 1800 yuan/ton, heavy alkali - 1800 About 1900 yuan/ton, expected later in the region market fluctuate more narrow.

in east China the mainstream of soda ash light on April 1, 1600 - About 1700 yuan/ton, 1800 - heavy soda ash About 1900 yuan/ton, downstream demand, in the glass industry is expected to continue light stabilizing soda market in the short term.

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