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On the basis of analysis on fluorine sodium silicate solution - Shanghai xin chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-21

sodium fluorosilicate, white granular or powder, stimulating, now in the market has the branch of wet and dry powder, dosage of construction, building materials industry is the largest fluorosilicate.

industrial application to fluorine sodium silicate solution, mostly are the solubility of sodium fluosilicate is how? In different temperature of water what will happen? Today we analyze of fluorine sodium silicate solution.

as everybody knows, fluorine sodium silicate can be soluble in water and alkali solution, insoluble in most organic compounds such as ethanol. But you don't know, when it shows the neutral fluorine sodium silicate soluble in cold water, but soluble in acid, hot water is will show so industry would separate the fluorine sodium silicate with alkaline solution, otherwise, the fluorine sodium silicate and alkaline solution reaction, sodium fluosilicate also will therefore fail.

industry needs the high concentration of fluorine sodium silicate solution, under normal circumstances, the solubility of sodium fluosilicate is less than our request, you need we are looking for ways to improve the solubility of sodium fluorosilicate. Industrial production process, we generally dissolved in hot water, this will increase the solubility of sodium fluosilicate, while adding tiny amounts of acid can also improve the solubility, because sodium fluosilicate ionization and sodium fluosilicate ions, but fluosilicic acid solubility than fluorine sodium silicate, part will be in solution into fluosilicic acid, the fluorine sodium silicate in the solution will dissolve a little more. Experiments have proved that according to the ion effect, add iron ions in solution, also can improve the solubility of sodium fluorosilicate.

you also know what to improve the solubility of sodium fluosilicate method? Shanghai appropriate xin chemical industry as a fine fluorine sodium silicate factory, we have you want the answer here!

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