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Ordinary high temperature alumina daking kila is production process of alumina - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-04

alumina is widely used in glass and ceramic glaze industry, with the development of domestic economy, in some industries, ordinary alumina already can't meet the requirements, alumina factory with high temperature of alumina production process are put forward.

manufacturer produces high temperature alumina in the process of roasting kiln, high-temperature alumina roasting temperature is higher than ordinary alumina calcination temperature 300, this would not only greatly improve the refractory heat load intensity, and if lining refractory structure and material of the same, will make the simplified temperature is high, especially the mid-range, because temperature is too high and cause a fire.

in order to avoid accident, alumina factory will require the original kiln lining refractory to conduct a comprehensive evaluation analysis, and carries on the transformation.

alumina manufacturers to integrate process, using a composite bricks instead of clay bricks, ladle in this kind of brick is different properties of refractory compound on the second floor and become, choose in material side has good cold and hot shock resistance and wear resistance of refractory castable, which can resist alumina scour, guarantee the need of the refractory.

alumina factory in ordinary alumina daking kila was improved, is completely adapted to the high temperature of alumina production, to fully understand the calcined alumina manufacturer material system of thermal process and reasonable analysis to optimize the best.

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