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Outlook and suggestion - potash manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-04

potash is an important carbonate varieties, has a great effect on a lot of industrial production, China's potash market now tend to be balanced development stage, but there is a lot of potash manufacturer itself or development.

potash maker's blind expansion, the cost of the product is higher, the grade of the product is low and the problems such as unreasonable structure is very prominent, particularly important and liquid waste processing problems.

now domestic potash main production method is ion exchange method, the potassium carbonate manufacturers should implement above all is the ammonium chloride wastewater discharging standard, the need for technology, to solve the problem of the recycle the waste liquid.

ion exchange process has many advantages, but there are difficult to overcome shortcomings, domestic potash manufacturers with the expanding of the scale of production, its deficiency will become more and more obvious, the potassium carbonate manufacturers need to explore the new production technology, process improvement or elimination of the old.

with the prosperity of domestic market economy, the demand for potash will also have greatly increased, the domestic potash manufacturers should strengthen the market development, make potassium carbonate can be applied in more fields.

according to the variety of potash, potash, manufacturers also want to further development, food grade potassium carbonate as well as the prospect of the medicine grade potassium carbonate is very wide, need to be further mining and development.

potash manufacturer integrating production strategy, to improve the technology, pay attention to the trend of the development of the market, its future prospect is very considerable.

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