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Physical and chemical properties of sodium nitrate

by:Yixin     2020-12-07

sodium nitrate in industrial application is very extensive, appropriate xin chemical industry introduced the physicochemical properties of sodium nitrate for you. Sodium nitrate, melting point is 306. 8 ℃, density of 2. 257 grams/cubic centimeter ( At 20 ℃) Colorless transparent or white microstrip yellow diamond crystals.

sodium nitrate is a bitter salty taste, soluble in water and liquid ammonia, slightly soluble in glycerin and ethanol, easy deliquescence, especially in very small amounts of sodium chloride impurities, sodium nitrate deliquescence is greatly increased. When dissolved in water when its solution temperature is reduced, the solution is neutral. When heated, sodium nitrate easily decomposed into sodium nitrite and oxygen. Sodium nitrate can be fuel, it should be stored in a cool, ventilated place. With oxidation, in company with organic friction or collision can cause burns or explosion. Stimulating, toxicity is small, but have a harm to human body.

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