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Physical and chemical properties of strontium carbonate

by:Yixin     2020-12-04

strontium carbonate ( Strontiumcarbonate纳米) White powder or granule. Odourless. Tasteless. Strontium carbonate initial concentration 20%, 110% of the amount of theory, for the amount of strontium carbonate mineral powder particle size 80 mesh, on this condition, the decomposition rate can reach more than 97%, after filtering, sodium sulfate concentration in the filtrate of up to 24%. Clinker by tertiary leaching, leaching temperature at 95 ℃ for beautiful, secondary and tertiary leaching can be in. Heating precipitate ( Or let stand for hours) , filtering, centrifugal dryer, washing with water several times, to NO3 - in the solution Ion content of qualified, after dry, with 200 ℃ drying.

strontium carbonate is mainly used for glass shell glass, magnetic material, metal smelting, strontium salt preparation, electronic components, fireworks and other fields, USES a very wide range, a fairly large market demand.

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