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Potash desulfurization manufacturer problems existing in the production process of - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-01

potash as long as used in the manufacture of glass, soap, and other inorganic chemical products, such as enamel, ink industry also has been widely used, above all in all, potash on industrial role cannot be ignored.

potash producer of desulfurization process will appear all sorts of problems, these problems directly cause the production fluctuation, tower after the hydrogen sulfide content will not process the production requirements.

potash producer in the actual process of desulfurization process, the gas temperature fluctuation is bigger, in the summer on the gas and tower of barren solution temperature is high, will cause the rich fluid containing hydrogen sulfide is low, a direct impact on the effect of desulfurization.

potash producer desulfurization process of the acid temperature rise, leads to a larger volume, vacuum degree of vacuum pump, the effect of the analytical solution will become worse.

due to the constant accumulation of the working liquid, the resistance of the vacuum pump will continuously increase, the vacuum pump of the cooler pipe diameter smaller and smaller, the regeneration system of the vacuum degree is no guarantee that, affecting the regeneration effect.

and acid gas pipeline blockage, easily causing resistance will increase, and the system of vacuum pump outlet pressure will increase, not only that, outside control is bad, will directly impact resistance increases, these are all potash manufacturer must solve the problem.

potash manufacturer to solve these problems, on the research analysis, improvement measures are put forward. Desulfurization is the important link in the process of producing potassium carbonate, potassium carbonate manufacturers is also very importance to the link, in carries on the constantly updated.

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