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- potash manufacturers how to enter the international market in China Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-28

potash application more and more common in the industry, with the development of related industries and the progress of science and technology, the challenge of potassium carbonate industry in China is becoming more and more big, a lot of potassium carbonate manufacturers are trying to introduce technology, enhance the level of production.

potash manufacturer to enter the international market, first of all be a technical improvement, reduce production cost, actively the challenge of the international market. In recent years, the domestic many small new potash, there is a blind expansion, low variety class problem. With the passage of time and the change of national policy, many small potash factory production has been halted.

then, potash, manufacturers need to pay attention to market research, develop new users, new markets. As developing countries the popularization and application of color TV and TV sets, the market demand for potash will increase. In the domestic pharmaceutical, food, and rubber and other industries have begun the development of potassium carbonate manufacturers need to attach importance to the industry, paying attention to the development of the industry, to improve product performance, to adapt to the changing market environment.

potash manufacturers need to pay attention to the scale, strengthen the development of new varieties. Over the years, although the domestic potash production capacity increased, but the ability of a single set of production equipment is still very low, the increase of production capacity is simply a single set of accumulator capacity, failed to give full play of scale, product varieties also gradually cannot meet the needs of new users, so the potassium carbonate manufacturer of varieties also should pay enough attention to.

ion exchange method is the main production process used in potassium carbonate manufacturers in our country, its own or with congenital deficiency. Potassium carbonate manufacturers to use the new device in our country, try to use the new production process, to improve the quality of China's potash, into the international market.

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