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Potash prices - is outlined Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-22

potash, commonly known as potash, pearl grey, has significant effect on industry, its price also changes with the change of the industrial chain. For chemical raw materials, the price has been a constant in floating, and potash prices more than other materials products.

potash producers are the pressure of environmental protection, manufacturers to stop production, the supply of goods on the market supplies, potash prices have soared as well, it is known that potash prices has around 7000 yuan/ton ( The price is for reference only) 。

potash prices affected by upstream of potassium chloride, potassium chloride prices rise, the cost of support, at the same time, the market good downstream demand, industry demand for larger, above the potash market and therefore is in a state of rising, source is deficient.

according to professional personage analysis, potash market supply and demand, shortage state of domestic potash market remain high in the short term, potash prices will also rise within a certain amount of time, market still need to continue looking for a long time.

potash use is widespread, while potash prices, but chemical industry there is still no potash alternative products, other potash occupy market also will continue to rise. Shanghai xin appropriate chemical supply light heavy potash, understand the latest potash prices, contact Shanghai appropriate xin chemical industry.

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