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Potash recover potassium carbonate - manufacturer from waste residue of potassium salts Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-19

potash use a lot of, is an important inorganic chemical raw materials, many industrial is used in the production of potassium carbonate, potassium carbonate manufacturers in producing the finished product after potash, there will be a lot of potassium carbonate raw material in the waste, therefore, potash producer to recycle the waste residues, extract the potassium carbonate raw material inside.

potash manufacturer to analyze the composition of slag, slag contains very rich potassium, potash producer common potash slag recycling method is to use hydrochloric acid neutralization, then crystallized after enrichment, preparing potassium chloride fertilizer. Potassium carbonate manufacturers adopt the method of recycling value is low, and need to be after purification of organic matter in waste residue can be used.

in order to achieve against for profit, the purpose of comprehensive utilization of potassium carbonate manufacturers through the experiment, put forward the comprehensive utilization of potassium slag making potash craft route, either governance potash waste residue, can bring obvious economic benefits and environmental benefits for the enterprise.

potash manufacturer according to slag characteristics of potash, choose a convenient source of strongly basic anion exchange resin, can effectively remove potassium chloride impurities in waste to achieve the purpose of purification.

potash vendors using the recycling process is a practical and feasible route, can be applied to all kinds of purification and recycling of wastewater containing potassium, salt water after processing, after enrichment crystallization can meet quality standards, can be used as a pesticide chemical raw materials and production process.

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