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Potassium carbonate analysis - manufacturer of potassium recovery factors Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-08

potash is an important carbonate varieties, mainly potassium chloride as the raw material for production of potassium carbonate manufacturer, thus reduce the consumption of potassium chloride, to improve the recovery rate of potassium ion is very important.

there are lots of factors influence the recovery rate of potassium potassium carbonate in mainly consists of measurement, control, optimization of operation and management.

potash manufacturer, see, accurate measuring the volume of salt water, reduce the concentration of salt water the basis of analyzing the error is to increase the potassium recovery.

potash continuous exchange process on the whole, but is intermittent, between single capable is random. So each capable of potassium to equilibrium. In operation, good control on potassium flow, potassium on time, accurate analysis on potassium concentration is an important guarantee of improving recovery rate of potassium.

potash producer in the process of operation, should not only strictly control on potassium, and strictly control the ammonium ammonium flow and on time, and the concentration of ammonium, this is another important guarantee to improve the recovery ratio of potassium, on the amount of ammonium, will cause the waste liquid ammonia.

thoroughly the backwashing process, a refined salt water at the bottom of the potassium carbonate manufacturers to switch to switch the upper, with a soft water inverse gravity makes salt water all through the upper exchanger resin layer, fully adsorbed potassium ion, conversion of ammonium ions.

potash manufacturer for total ammonia and ammonium than to control, these two factors had a great influence on the recovery ratio of potassium, too much can lead to higher raw material consumption, operation cycle is too long, make the electricity consumption is too high; And too low will cause potassium vapor water and power consumption rise.

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