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potassium carbonate fertilizer chemical china products online for light metal castings

potassium carbonate fertilizer chemical china products online for light metal castings

Potassium carbonate fertilizer chemical china products online for light metal castings

White powder
Melting point
811 °C
Boiling point
1450 °C
7-8 (0.016g/l, H₂O, 16℃)
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Quantity Needed:
Storage temp: Store at RT
Solubility: 0.02g/l
Form: Powder/Solid
Color: White
Water Solubility: 0.002g/100mL(20ºC)
Stability: Stable
Incompatible: Incompatible with strong acids
Product Comparison
Yixin Chemical has the ability to meet different needs. borax is available in multiple types and specifications. The quality is reliable and the price is reasonable.Supported by advanced technology, Yixin Chemical has a great breakthrough in the comprehensive competitiveness of borax, as shown in the following aspects.
Enterprise Strength
  • Based on the principle of 'service is always considerate', Yixin Chemical creates an efficient, timely and mutually beneficial service environment for customers.
Company Advantages
1. Because of its potassium carbonate soap design, potassium carbonate fertilizer is often preferred by costumers.
2. Strict quality inspections are carried out before delivery to increase its qualification ratio.
3. Clients praise that it has a touch smoothness and flatness, and they can not see any scratches, fracture, or grains on its surface.
4. The product has a huge impact on the environment. With its enhanced low energy consumption, it contributes to the reduction of carbon emission.

Company Features
1. Shanghai Yixin Chemical Co., Ltd. comes on the top in both the innovation and quality. Our reputation is getting better because of our quality potassium carbonate soap and outstanding custom service.
2. We have a highly qualified and well-trained workforce. They ensure that every detail of the project is implemented and delivered in accordance with the specified quality requirements, functionality, and reliability required to meet the exact project criteria.
3. Our company is truly sustainable. Sustainability aspects were considered right from the start of our facilities with the selection of a location where construction would have minimal impact on natural habitats and species. Our mission is to help customers create something amazing-a product that grabs their customers' attention. Honesty, ethics, and trustworthiness all contribute to our choice of partners. Call! Our company bears social responsibilities. We incorporate sustainability into production itself, not only the efficiency of our processes. We are a company with a keen sense of environmental responsibilities and a determination to follow a policy of sustainable development. Every stage of the manufacturing processes in our facilities has been studied and reassessed to see if there is any way in which it can be made more energy-efficient. Sustainability is built into the way we work.
By observing the color or hue, the values ​​from light to dark and the finish must span the range of color families, Yixin potassium carbonate fertilizer creates a universal color sense that is shared across material types. The product is distinguished by good water resistance
Yixin potassium carbonate soap is produced in accordance with the mandatory standards of the textile industry. Its raw materials and agents must pass the composition test to ensure that they do not contain harmful substances. The product is widely applied in retail, clothing, catering, cosmetics business, etc
Yixin potassium carbonate soap is manufactured involving several stages. These stages include metal materials preparation, parts machining such as cams, shafts, and bearing, installations of fixtures&gauges, etc. Made of paper with hard strength, it can withstand pressure or abrasion
Quality inspections and tests of Yixin potassium carbonate fertilizer will be carried out by the QC team. It will be scrutinized for different aspects, including bending, impact, compression, hardness, aging, and abrasion resistance performance. The size, color, and pattern of the product can be customized
Yixin potassium carbonate fertilizer is designed with a range of operation types, These types include automatic operation, continuous operation, synchronous operation, modular operation, etc. It protects the goods from damage, squeezing, and shaking during transport
The product is intelligent. It is built with microprocessors to monitor pressure, voltage, current, temperature, and to dissipate heat automatically. This product can retain the freshness of food, such as coffee, tea, and snacks
This product wrinkle-resistant. The twist of yarns is professionally done to an appropriate level, which can enhance its stretching ability and elasticity. With elegant design, it is often regarded as a professional packaging tool
The product is characterized by user-friendliness. It is created under the combined concepts of user comfort and easy maneuverability. The surface can be processed by 3D, hot stamping, gold stamping, embossing technology, etc
The product features the desired safety. It has passed IEC 60335 electrical safety testing which aims to find any potential electric shock risks and fire hazards. It can be recycled and reused
The product is safe to use. The input voltage range of the product is designed reasonably, to be compatible with the voltage at home, workplace, or industry. The product offers enough space to hold goods
The part that directly contacts with water will not contaminate the water source. The parts are made of food-grade materials which will not release any toxic substances. This product can retain the freshness of food, such as coffee, tea, and snacks
Our product has been recognized by our customers and has a good reputation. The product is thick and solid enough to withstand puncture
The product perfectly meets the demands and needs of customers, indicating a blight market application future. The product is widely applied in retail, clothing, catering, cosmetics business, etc
The offered product is available with high degree of customization to suit individual needs. With good tension force, it is highly resistant to tear and break
We will make continuous efforts in expanding market application of the product. It can be designed to package wines, lipsticks, toys, purses, and other gifts
The product is popular in both the domestic and international market for its broad application prospects. It can be recycled and reused
Most costumers consider the product has huge market potential and worth of trust. It can be recycled and reused
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