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Potassium carbonate manufacturer - improvement measures Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-03

potash is an important inorganic chemical carbonate varieties, role in the industrial production is large, the potash producer in desulfurization was carried out on the product, there is a vacuum of desulfurization technology, and this process is also gradually perfect.

potash manufacturers to improve the quality of wash oil, add water tower, at the same time lower the temperature of the washing benzene, strengthen the oil mist after washing benzene tower operation, reduce the gas entrainment wash oil, especially the light component in the washing oil.

at the same time, the potassium carbonate manufacturers also stable the quality of the desulfurization liquid, emptying has been pollution cannot be used in recycling the desulfurization liquid, on the desulfurization system of pipeline and equipment for cleaning, after the completion of the reconfiguration of the desulfurization liquid, and a day to the desulfurization liquid discharge of oil replacement operation, the discharge of pollutants by slow desulfurization liquid aging metamorphism, avoid secondary salt content concentration, maintain the stable quality of the desulfurization liquid, make the efficiency of desulfuration liquid high continuous.

potash manufacturer to repair the leak of negative pressure system, the regenerative system of negative pressure leak, leakproof, prevent the inhalation of air from the environment, reduce the oxidation rate of the desulfurization liquid, inhibiting the production of secondary salt, keep clean acid gas, after system again putting-in-service proactively in desulfurization of liquid sulfur material tracking, you can analyze the effect of desulfurization technology.

potash producer of potash desulfurization technology was improved, gradually improve the desulfurization technology, for the moment, this kind of desulfurization technology has been quite perfect.

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