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Potassium carbonate manufacturer in China for the application of new technology and new product development Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-17

China is the world's superpower potash production and consumption, in recent years, some large potash potash export manufacturers have begun, but in order to improve the international competitiveness and influence, the potassium carbonate manufacturers of potash products still insist on the application of new technology and new product development.

potash producer potash began to research into the food industry, potash, manufacturers will be industrial grade potassium carbonate dissolved. Add reducing agent to remove the heavy metals, such as concentration, crystallization, centrifugal treatment to obtain food grade potassium carbonate, this kind of food grade potassium carbonate is used for steamed bread, bread dough, fermentation can neutralize the acid.

potash producer to update the device in the process of producing potassium carbonate, before using the l-type three-way downstream evaporator replace potassium carbonate manufacturers use single effect evaporator, directly solves the problems of high energy consumption, to narrow the cost of potash manufacturer has a pivotal role.

potash manufacturer to deal with waste liquid, to make full use of resources, avoid the waste of resources, is to eliminate the pollution, and create economic value. On the treatment of waste liquid potash manufacturer specific methods is to using reverse osmosis technology is made with a very dilute solution of ammonium chloride is a high concentration of ammonium chloride solution, triple effect evaporation, concentration crystal made of finished product ammonium chloride.

potash manufacturers in our country are trying to improve the competitiveness of domestic potash, believe that the development of potassium carbonate industry will be more brilliant!

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