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Potassium carbonate manufacturers - by ionic membrane production technology Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-04

potash is important in the industrial production of carbonate, its application is very wide, can improve the transparency of glass in the glass industry, strength and refraction coefficient and so on, in production of glass shell of the television and computer display tube and tube has important application in the production.

at present, China's potash factory production is the main method of potassium carbonate ion exchange method, this method of production process is simple, reactants, less investment, production is very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises (smes). But this method produces the product quality is not very stable, optimal grade and food grade only 50%, so the potassium carbonate manufacturers adopted ionic membrane production technology.

potash ionic membrane production technology that is used by the manufacturer is to potassium chloride solution after two refined, conducted in ionic membrane electrolyzer electrolytic get potassium hydroxide solution, after evaporating into high concentrations of potassium hydroxide solution, then the carbonation in fluidized bed, after after calcination and dry substance of potash.

potash manufacturer use this kind of ionic membrane production process the biggest characteristic is high and stable product quality, all products can achieve optimal grade and high degree of automation, low energy consumption. But the real implementation, this method will encounter many difficulties.

potash manufacturer in China in a short period of time will also with ion exchange method as the main production processes, ionic membrane production technology has yet to be further promoted and improved.

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