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Potassium Carbonate Manufacturers Improve Ion Exchange Process Measures


In addition to a large number of glass and color television tube glass shell, as an important carbonate variety, the application of potassium carbonate has been extended to medicine, chemical dyes, inks and welding rod and other industries.

Potassium carbonate manufacturers recycle ammonia ions, according to the principle of chemical balance, the more ammonia ions in the ion exchange process relative to the amount of potassium ions, the higher the utilization rate of potassium ions.However, considering the economic and operational factors in the actual production, the ratio of potassium ion and ammonia ion selected by potassium carbonate manufacturers should be controlled within a certain amount, about 1:1.29. Therefore, a large amount of ammonia ion is not used in the exchange solution, which results in the waste of raw materials.

potassium carbonate manufacturers use mixture can produce more than 13% of the exchange liquid, so can reduce the steam consumption of evaporation process and also to make full use of the ammonium carbonate solution, in reducing the costs of raw materials and ammonium chloride wastewater pollutant emissions, has the very good comprehensive benefits.

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