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Potassium carbonate manufacturers - ion exchange method Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-27

there are many methods to produce potassium carbonate, after, and now the main methods of potash, factory production of potash is ion exchange method.

potash manufacturers in China by ion exchange method was originally developed by the children of Israel, the israelites exchange with cation exchange resin, using potassium chloride solution, make the resin into potassium type, then the use of phenol resin exchange, exchange product is phenol - Potassium hydroxide solution, its ventilation with carbon dioxide potassium bicarbonate, then generate potassium carbonate. Later, around the potash manufacturer for this kind of method was improved, exchange method, the advantages of greatly increased the examples.

potash manufacturer by ion exchange method, simple process, less consumption, no pollution, the quality of the product is better than a lot of methods of producing potash, just after electrolytic method to produce potassium carbonate.

however, this approach requires the equipment of the relatively large volume, the scale of production is limited by a certain, this also gives potash producer has brought a lot of problems.

in recent years, our country's economy is developing rapidly, the potash industry has ushered in the golden development period, some potash factory introduction of foreign electrolytic process for production, the method of energy consumption is also a significant investment.

as we have learned, potash, factory production of potassium carbonate ion exchange method can reach more than 80% of the grade one, there are 20% of the products belong to the second, this for manufacturers, there is no other what method can be reached.

potash manufacturers have also been improved the ion exchange method, on the premise of reducing lower product rate, increase the rate of high is tasted, this kind of idea is feasible.

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