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Potassium carbonate manufacturers should be how to development in our country in order to solve the problem of market - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-28

potash, widely used in the market, the industry has involved, potash market prices also rose, then, many domestic potash manufacturers began to blind for production, lead to the market of potassium carbonate also exists serious problems in the production is greater than the sales.

now domestic potash manufacturers still exist many problems, all the problems in production is greater than the sales is the most pressing problems. Varieties of potash, a manufacturer of the product cost is high, the grade is low, the product structure is unreasonable, always restricts the development of potassium carbonate manufacturers.

manufacturer of potassium carbonate production in our country the main process and ion exchange method, therefore, potash, manufacturers should adopt closed-circuit circulation, wastewater discharge or after reaching targets is realized. Only in this way, potash producer to long-term development.

now the potash manufacturer should be based on the existing basis, play the advantages of each manufacturer, enhance the grade of the product, rich product performance, reduce production costs, enhance market competitiveness, especially in the international market competition.

potash manufacturer to research new production process, in order to reduce cost and rich products for the purpose, give full play to the connection between the various industries, to communicate; Expansion has refused to blindly, lest cause waste of money and resources that can stand out in the changeful market now.

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