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Potassium nitrate do foliar fertilizer on how to use?

by:Yixin     2020-12-27

how do foliar fertilizer using potassium nitrate? Foliar fertilizer has the characteristics of convenient save Labour, so a lot of people are using now. Best time is in commonly crop seedling stage, beginning flowering fertilizer key or middle and late period spraying foliar fertilizer, to obtain the best effect.

small make up for everybody below about foliar fertilizer potassium nitrate when should spraying? Foliar fertilizer of potassium nitrate spraying time: 1, when limited by root nutrition intake, because: root injury: diseases and mechanical damage. 2, adverse soil conditions: 3, wet ( Water and anaerobic environment) , too cold and too dry. 4, soil nutrient deficiency or excess. 5, nutrient fixed ( Clay soil potassium fixation) 。 6, saline ( Cationic competition) 。 7, when the root nutrient supply cannot meet the demand of nutrients at the peak. 8, when the crops of local nutrient requirements may exceed plant to the nutrients redistribution ability 9, near big fruit and grain in local high nutrient requirements. 10, when the flowering earlier than lamina limiting nutrient transport in the xylem, make the limited nutrient transport. 11, in order to restore blade stress caused by frost at night as soon as possible. In general, when confirm the crops with potassium nitrate demand application, under the condition of the environment conducive to spraying on the leaf potassium nitrate fertilizer, in one or more of the following situations exists, spraying on the leaf was beneficial to potassium nitrate on crop

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