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Preparation of sodium fluosilicate manufacturer quicksand sodium fluosilicate crystal - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-23

fluorine sodium silicate is a kind of important inorganic chemicals, appearance is generally is white granule or crystalline powder, stimulating odour, application is very wide, on agriculture and industry have an irreplaceable role.

at present, the vast majority of fluorine sodium silicate factory production in China is a byproduct of phosphate fertilizer enterprises, usually adopt the intermittent production mode at room temperature for reaction crystallization products. This product small, the particle size, particle size distribution wide, lead to filter is very difficult, high humidity, drying cost also will increase. Also, in the process of handling is easy to appear caking phenomenon.

according to current situation of the existing fluorine sodium silicate, sodium fluosilicate manufacturer to research production of quicksand sodium fluosilicate crystal, fluorine sodium silicate factory research and analysis in the form of acid in raw materials and feed in determining fluorine sodium silicate production fluosilicic acid concentration was 12%, the feeding way for drops from the acid and sodium chloride.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer analysis of crystallizer, use Oslo type crystallizer replace DTB crystallizer, the mold structure can simplify the use of quicksand can achieve continuous production of sodium fluosilicate crystal.

the quicksand of fluorine sodium silicate, sodium fluosilicate manufacturers has stimulated the development of the downstream enterprises, as well as fluorine sodium silicate factory itself has brought good economic benefit.

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