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Prices will restart rally - after the floods Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-08

at the beginning of air prices fell in recent months, but influenced by domestic flood, many pig farms losses, analysts said, at present prices fell space is limited, the rally is expected to restart, the next few months will close to a record high. In may last year and sow amount of turning points before and after several months of small growth, but did not keep the growth of the duration, corresponding with the supply of live pigs is not much, but because of hot weather in the wake of flooding, increased disease risk and difficulty of pig dispatching, and farmers in the sharp drop in prices for a month after the in the mind defence to collapse, stage increased supply of live pigs, value end demand downturn and the influence of pork imports a large number of cif, prices rebound hasn't. But the inspector said that despite the rising prices in the short term lack of power, but also basic limits to fall, he said, than fluctuations in prices, very hot weather in the wake of flooding should also cause the attention of the farmers, pathogens to follow-up after the flood water spread everywhere, induce the pig disease. Any goods in the supply of goods in short supply, prices will rise, such as Turkey, borax, boric acid, since 2016, the Chinese side of the seller did not sign a contract with each other, then east China supplies, basic belongs to the break goods stage, a natural market price is high. Shanghai appropriate xin chemical co. , LTD. , operates five water borax, boric acid, more than 30 years, precognition of borax market to a certain extent, perennial warehouse have in stock.

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