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Quick drying adhesive is a new kind of material - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-16

for quick-drying glue believe that a lot of my friends are not strange, why do you say so? At present a lot of new materials, and products, and the adhesive is compared, I believe is less, in terms of the present situation, we also can see more.

such as the current series of quick-drying glue can be adhesive plastic, adhesive metal, glue a lot of new materials, to solve a lot of enterprises in the production of a series of problems encountered, so this problem is also brought us many new business opportunities, new problems adhesive series products.

quick-drying glue into what kind of? Plastic sticky plastic

stick PET PET

PC sticky PC

copper stick copper

PVC glue PVC

iron stick iron

these are at the moment we can undertake bonding, and environmental protection is sticky silicone glue series, this is the most main styles we amdo kang series glue. Below:

quick-drying glue, how much do you know? If your company needs to use the quick-drying glue, please contact us, Jin Shengchang wang tao: 13480881974

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