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Raw material properties of barium carbonate

by:Yixin     2020-12-15

barium and strontium, calcium and magnesium with alkaline earth metal, is also the content in the earth's crust is more elements. But barium and strontium in the earth's crust levels compared with calcium, magnesium, or less. Combined with the practical application of their compounds as calcium and magnesium compounds widely. So their compounds is larger than that of calcium and magnesium by late people know, only David barium and strontium and calcium, magnesium and electrolytic separated from the compound.

alkaline earth metal sulfide with phosphorescence, namely they are light will continue to glow in the dark after a period of time. Barium compounds that began to be noticed by people because of this feature. 1602 Italian polo ( Bologna, now called the Bologna) A city shoemaking workers cassio's ROM will be a kind of barite with combustible material containing barium sulfate roasting and found it glow in the dark, aroused the interest of scholars at that time.

later, this stone is called polo's stone, and attracted the interest of the European chemists study. By 1774, schere think this kind of stone is a kind of new soil ( Oxide) Is combined with sulfuric acid. In 1776 he heated the new soil nitrate, achieving pure soil ( Oxide) , called baryta ( Heavy soil) From the Greek barys ( Heavy) 。

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