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Reduce the conductivity of the products - aluminum hydroxide manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-26

aluminum hydroxide aluminum is suitable for the production of various kinds of inorganic salt and glass products, its conductivity is an important indicator of aluminum hydroxide micro powder application, aluminum hydroxide manufacturers have been gradually reduce the conductivity of powder, improve the performance of aluminium hydroxide.

aluminum hydroxide factory show that the aluminum hydroxide powder for sanshui diaspore powder, is produced through chemical precipitation method. In the production of aluminum hydroxide to industrial sodium aluminate as raw materials, with low temperature and special production of seed production technology of mixing decomposition.

influence aluminum hydroxide powder conductivity is mainly powder contains soluble ions to the other. Because of not washing powder contains large amounts of sodium and aluminium ions, so yo want to reduce the micro powder of aluminum hydroxide manufacturer conductivity must be to washing powder, to remove these electrolytes.

aluminum hydroxide factory after the experiment, when the aluminum hydroxide powder after washing, the alkali content dropped to a lower, such as attached are not the main factor to the influence of the conductivity, after is the moisture content has become the main factors influencing the powder conductivity.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturer on the basis of experiment, powder production, change the washing water, reduce the moisture of filter cake, to a certain extent, reduce the conductivity of the product. Through the practice, each index is stable, its electrical conductivity and soluble sodium with foreign products.

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