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Research - fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer producing polysilicon Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-18

sodium silicofluoride on industry plays a role can not be ignored, also can be used as agricultural phosphorus fertilizer, yunnan, guizhou and other places of rich mineral resources, how to make good use of these resources has become the fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer focus on care problems.

now, fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer will sodium fluosilicate purification, and then sodium reacts silicon, then will further purification of silicon can be used in the preparation of polysilicon.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers of preparing high purity silicon technology general characteristics as the high cost and low output, preparation of high purity silicon fluorine sodium silicate factory pattern generally includes the following steps:

the first step: the carbon thermal reduction of silica to metallurgy;

step 2: convert metallurgical silicon into intermediate compound;

the third part: the purification of intermediate compound;

in the fourth part: the intermediate compounds into silicon.

due to the widely used polysilicon in the market, so the polysilicon market demand is very high, fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer from low value-added polysilicon preparation high fluorine sodium silicate product added value, can greatly improve the efficiency, but also can improve the utilization rate of resources.

sodium fluoride with sodium fluosilicate and sodium silicate manufacturer in the high temperature reaction under the condition of the preparation of high purity polysilicon, accessible cheap raw material, low cost, can greatly improve the utilization rate of resources.

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