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Research - manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide reduce oil absorption rate Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-24

aluminum hydroxide aluminum can be used in the production of inorganic salts and glass products, can also be used as a flame retardant filler, is an important inorganic chemical raw materials, the aluminum hydroxide micro powder, because of its very fine grain, good dispersibility, can be better used as flame retardant filler.

oil absorption rate is an important index for control of micro powder, aluminum hydroxide, the so-called oil absorption rate is by measuring a certain amount of aluminum hydroxide powder saturated after the required amount or the amount of oil resin, aluminum hydroxide manufacturer research know, high oil absorption rate of aluminum hydroxide filler when use the slurry viscosity is bigger, so the processing of aluminum hydroxide in the process of adding ratio is relatively low.

aluminum hydroxide is generally by adjusting the products during the crystallization process of decomposition process and change the product in the filtering and drying the operating conditions of subsequent steps down and reduce the oil absorption rate of the products.

powder agglomeration body larger particles in aluminum hydroxide product is in the process of production, the powder under the action of the electrostatic force between particles and the collection of micro powder particles together. In this way, the aluminum hydroxide manufacturer can destroy the powder electrostatic force between particles, so as to improve the product particle size distribution, reducing the effect of oil absorption rate.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturers through the experiment, the scatter and pressure to deal with aluminum hydroxide powder, can have different degrees of the agglomeration phenomenon, but the difference existing in the production line and lab, aluminum hydroxide manufacturers can be treated according to the condition of equipment, reduce the number of large particles agglomeration body, reduce product of oil absorption rate.

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