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Revamping/expansion of fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer for device updates and - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-26

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers with the change of the production process, part of the instrument has been damaged, coupled with a lack of equipment maintenance updates for a long time, the damage to the equipment gradually, in the process of production, the lotion and mother liquor discharge directly, also result in an increase in production costs and environmental problems.

section fluorine sodium silicate factory found the problem, starting device updating and transformation of fluorine sodium silicate, for now the indirect method of production process, the manufacturer of sodium fluosilicate has no value for some has been idle equipment removed, device for are unsafe, fluorine sodium silicate manufacturers for the transformation and updating.

sodium fluorosilicate is one of the largest fluorosilicate industrial dosage, its outlook is also cannot be ignored, although recent fluorine sodium silicate prices were slightly lower, but there is also a rise in space. Fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer in the case of cost savings as far as possible, for sodium fluosilicate device to make the necessary transformation, to achieve production requirements.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer on the basis of the original technology to increase mother liquid collecting tank, mother liquor pump and transform device, considering the problem of environmental protection in the process of production, classifying all kinds of garbage treatment, the anticorrosive processing equipment, pipes, etc.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer to update and transform device, can fully solve the problem of fluosilicate stranded, improve the economic benefit at the same time, also to the development of the fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer provides a larger space.

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