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Russia's main performance - boric acid Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-10

the boric acid on the market at the present stage in China are divided into boric acid, boric acid and domestic import in Russia boric acid, the import of boric acid and word of mouth is beautiful, many downstream manufacturers in China use of boric acid are Russian boric acid.

so today, we'll look at the characteristics of the Russian boric acid and USES.

Russia boric acid mostly white powder, and part of the Russian boric acid present three oblique surface scaly shiny crystal, no smell, feel satiny, soluble in water and most organic matter. Its aqueous solution present weak acid properties.

Russia boric acid used for glass production, such as optical glass, heat-resistant glass, can effectively improve the heat resistant and transparent glass performance, improve the mechanical strength, shorten the melting time, in enamel and ceramic industry, Russia boric acid to enhance enamel products luster and fastness, is also one of the ingredients of glaze and pigments.

Russia the purity of boric acid is rather high, which is the Russian boric acid reputation in the market so good reasons, this also directly affects the downstream enterprises to the quality of the product, they have them they want everything to verify with the actual situation of the market, after verification, and Russian boric acid is market merchants preferred products.

Russia boric acid to the trust of its quality in the downstream enterprises, occupying the important status in the domestic market, not only can satisfy the general requirements of boric acid on the market, more have application in some special industry.

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