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Russia's market prospect - boric acid Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-30

boric acid is a white crystal or powder, Russian boric acid is a typical powder boric acid, since Russia boric acid to enter the Chinese market, by the downstream enterprises trust, gradually became one of the main producers of import boric acid in China.

Russia is rich in mineral resources, the purity of boric acid can reach 99 in Russia. 99%, can be widely used in glass industry, can improve the heat-resistant, transparent glass performance, enhance the mechanical strength of glass. Boric acid in enamel, ceramics, which is used to improve the luster and strong of enamel products, the purity of Russian boric acid can make these products luster and strong degree to the next level.

the Russian market of boric acid in China,, it is because of its products is good, relative to domestic boric acid, its advantage is not only a little, Russian boric acid can also be applied to more precision in the industrial production, it is domestic boric acid fulfilled, that is depends on the performance of high purity Russia boric acid.

Russia boric acid is stored according to general chemical storage and transportation way, they contain plastic bag or polypropylene woven bags, delivery process to ensure absolute safety.

Russia boric acid is so popular, its market prospect will be more broad, according to the development trend of the Russian boric acid now, soon, Russian boric acid will become China's biggest import boric acid.

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