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Russia's recognition of true and false of the boric acid

by:Yixin     2020-11-21

the dosage of the boric acid in the market has been in the growth, China's main imports of boric acid with Russian boric acid, boric acid and boric acid, such as in the United States, Turkey recently after some reflection of the end user, before and after the use of Russian boric acid, the phenomenon of the quality is not stable, then analyze how to distinguish the true and false Russia boric acid on the market.

first of all, the real thing Russia boric acid has a regular source, there are in the process of import customs declaration documents, the customs documents, is enough to prove that boric acid source.

second, in terms of packaging, packaging used authentic Russian boric acid iron plate printing, the font is very clear, and fake goods to do the rubber sheet printing, printing interface pressure, different fonts appear burrs phenomenon, so it can be used as the main method to distinguish the true and false boric acid.

and, on the Russian boric acid packaging above will appear squelching sound, this can be the difference between the domestic boric acid and borate in Russia. Because Russia boric acid is the most thin, imports may reach 80 to 100 mesh, so Russia boric acid have soapy, with the hand touch after there will be a lot of boric acid residue, in the process of sliding particles are like salt will exist.

Russia boric acid in domestic sales in the growth of the step by step, it is because the higher degree of the quality of its products, loved by terminal customers, used in the industrial production in better effect.

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