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Russian boric acid - in the development of China market Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-23

boric acid is widely used in chemical industry, such as glass, enamel products of raw materials, the boric acid on the market of our country has domestic boric acid and boric acid, boric acid imports by Russian boric acid in the quality of the optimal, and many manufacturers are using Russian boric acid.

at present, the 'China international import expo is Shanghai in full swing, expo involves various fields, including the characteristics of the product. Is the world's most populous country, China is the world's second largest economy, the second largest importer and consumer. Into the fair development also ushered in the historic opportunity to the Chinese market.

imports of Russian boric acid to cater to the domestic developing trend, its development prospect is very broad, now more and more manufacturers are willing to use Russian boric acid to produce glass and enamel, Russian boric acid in China occupy the market share is very high.

Russia boric acid for powder, when enterprises in the use of more convenient, the utilization rate of boric acid is higher. Since Russia boric acid to enter the Chinese market, its market share has been rising, according to incomplete statistics, the use of boric acid on the market in China is 60% dependent on imports.

Russia boric acid with its outstanding advantages are recognized in the domestic market, the future application of Russian boric acid in the domestic market will be more broad, the amount will be greatly increased.

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