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- selection and strategy Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-06

a beijinger, 1984, in order to dream to go abroad, a courtyard houses sold drum tower street, collected 300000, from their homes to Italy. Wind meal rain, heavy rain delivery, midnight to learn a foreign language, was robbed in the slum is 3 times 7 times & hellip; Thrift, hard temples and gone now for 30 years, and finally to save 1 million euros ( RMB 7. 68 million) Intend to return to China endowment enjoy splendor! The siheyun of Beijing, discovered that sell now intermediary listed 80 million, suddenly collapsed & hellip; … Perhaps, people life mostly blind busy & hellip; In some cases, the choice is more important than efforts! A guy with 2000 yuan 1500 yuan bought a mobile phone for MM, leave 500 yuan margie, eating, riding a storage battery to find MM, MM said: you are a good man, but we really don't appropriate. Improvement plan: a young man rented a BMW5 with 700 yuan, and then go to wholesale market 300 yuan to buy 99 roses, he likes to tell MM hand in hand to the romantic cafe, spending 100 yuan at most. The MM as he went to sleep the night, but because love & hellip; … This tells us that business model is the key to the success or failure of the project, rather than the cost! Man: the boss how much money do you here to take a bath? Shopkeeper: male bath 10 yuan, male: female baths 100 yuan you rob money. 。 。 Shop owner: would you like to go to male baths or female baths? Male: & hellip; Decisive handed over 100 pieces. In female baths, all men. The brother of the tub: & hellip; Nima, again to a man! Comment on: marketing is never rely on low prices, the key is to guide the customer demand. Look at the story, if you can have help when we sell chemical raw materials. I think is worth our thinking.

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