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Send lubricious agent in food industry: sodium nitrate

by:Yixin     2020-12-09

send lubricious agent is added in the food industry of chemical composition, the chemical composition and some of the food, the food brings good luster. Send lubricious agent with sodium nitrate of China's approval, send lubricious agent have antiseptic effect, can inhibit clostridium botulinum in the meat of breeding, in the process of processing and preservation can make food do not decompose, damage, in meat food plays a role can not be ignored. In ancient China there & other; Salt & throughout; To pickle precedent.

is hair color, hair color agent is raw meat bivalent iron ion of myoglobin, oxidized to ferric iron ions, raw meat brings out the bright bright red.

it is important to note that the sodium nitrate itself contains toxins, so its content is certainly need to be able to control, nitrates in under the action of bacteria will generate, so the amount of nitrate should be controlled, remember to meet the national standard, safe use.

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