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Shipping Notice of Hazard Chemicals


In recent months, congestion has occurred in many European and American sea ports, and many domestic seaports are extremely short of containers. The main reasons are as follows:

The first reason is due to the different levels of economic recovery in countries around the world after the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia. The second reason is that the epidemic situation has rebounded sharply in many countries. Third, with the arrival of traditional transportation seasons such as Christmas and New Year, orders have gradually increased.

Under such circumstances, many large shipping companies have begun to levy additional charges such as congestion surcharges, peak season surcharges, and lack of containers charges, which has resulted the freight fee being almost at the highest level now.

At present, in China, many shipping companies mainly give priority to the export of ordinary chemicals, and postpone the receiving procedures of hazardous chemicals in large seaports such as Shanghai, Ningbo, and Lianyungang, etc. After November, the export delivery date of hazardous chemicals such as
barium carbonate, potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate, sodium fluorosilicate, etc., we need to confirm with the shipping company before replying.Customers are advised to reconfirm the FOB price when receiving CIF quotations. We hope that our customers can understanding.

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