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So good - Russian boric acid Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-07

boric acid is becoming more and more widely in China's market, domestic boric acid in certain specific industry has been unable to meet demand, many of the downstream enterprises rely on imports of boric acid to produce. Imports at the same time, the diversity of boric acid to the downstream enterprises face the serious test.

a lot of import boric acid into the Chinese market, the dosage of the Russian boric acid are in China, the most dominant, compared to domestic boric acid, boric acid and Chile the advantage of boric acid is very much in Russia.

single from the outside, the Russian boric acid powder, and domestic boric acid and borate Chile is granular crystal, Russian boric acid powder is more conducive to the use of industrial production, therefore Russia's reputation is better than that of other boric acid.

in terms of purity, and the purity of boric acid can reach 99. 5%, and a lot of imports of boric acid can reach 99. 9%, while Russia with its abundant mineral resources, its purity can reach 99. 99%, nearly perfect boric acid, enough to make Russia boric acid occupy larger share in the market.

Russia boric acid is widely used in China, many of the downstream enterprises will choose Russia boric acid as raw material, this is the very high quality depends on the Russian boric acid.

the quality of the Russian boric acid is determined by its abundant boron ore resources, precisely because of these congenital advantage, will only make Russia boric acid also occupy the forefront in the world.

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