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Soda ash manufacturer of soda ash production as well as the analysis - growth Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-02

soda ash scientific name is sodium carbonate, also called soda, is one of the important inorganic chemical raw materials, in addition to have on the market of soda ash light and heavy soda ash and soda ash of food grade, involving the industry is quite extensive.

in the past two years, soda ash production in small decline, according to the valid data show that in 2018 China's soda ash production in June of 205. 40000 tons, year-on-year decline in 3. Before 1%, soda ash production has been rising, soda ash manufacturer also ushered in the booming situation.

according to zhongshang industry research institute, according to data from the database in the 13 years to 17 years, our country of soda ash production is increasing year by year, 17 years output up to 2550. 80000 tons, the soda ash manufacturer also gave the market must be sure, however, in 18 years, industry recession, soda ash manufacturer also ushered in the downturn, soda ash manufacturer to predict 19 years of soda ash industry could be more severe.

for soda ash manufacturer of soda ash for further extension, to produce more varieties of soda ash, is another kind of save the downturn soda ash industry.

at present, China's soda ash also appears the phenomenon of tension, there will be a short break a lot of manufacturers of goods, this also is a very common phenomenon.

soda ash manufacturer to grasp the market development direction, well in advance to make the correct strategy, can in today's changeable market steady development, achieve better economic and environmental benefits.

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