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Sodium fluosilicate wholesale manufacturers

by:Yixin     2020-12-12

fluoboric acid potassium nickname fluorine boron potassium, boron potassium fluoride, four fluorine boric acid potassium, chemical formula is KBF4 or BF4K, CAS number is: 14075 - 53 - 7, EINECS number is: 237 - 928 - 2, its appearance is a white crystal or crystalline powder, content at 98% 100%, potassium fluosilicate packaging: 25 kg compound bag, or PE play tray.

fluoboric acid potassium is very versatile. Main purpose is used as a cosolvent on the welding; In dissolves and fusion of silver, gold, stainless steel, can promote the dregs of net light metal; Is a manufacturer of boron oxide and other fluoride salt raw material; With heavy grinding wheel abrasive resin as adhesive, used as a filling material; Resin finishing agent for textile printing and dyeing.

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