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Sodium nitrate factory in the process of production need to be aware of - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-29

the role of sodium nitrate use are many, are widely used in various fields, sodium nitrate explosive goods belong to easy system, in the process of producing sodium nitrate manufacturer there are many matters need to be aware of.

sodium nitrate factory in production, need to strengthen the airtight operation, specialized training operations staff, give full consideration to the effects of plant ventilation, at the same time, also need to strictly comply with the operation process, avoiding and reducing agent, active metal powder, acids and other substances.

the preparation of sodium nitrate places must be far away from flammable or combustible smoke in plant operators are strictly prohibited, sodium nitrate factory regulation, when carrying on sodium nitrate products, need to pack light light discharge, strict control of fire equipment, variety and quantity of leakage, prevent damage of packaging or containers, avoid empty containers residues of harmful substances.

sodium nitrate to the employee training, strengthen the safety control measures, away from fire and heat source, wearing a gas mask in polyethylene protective clothing, etc.

sodium nitrate during storage of sodium nitrate products manufacturer, also be very attention, good storage temperature and humidity control, to control the temperature below 30, humidity control in 80%, assure to be in a cool, ventilated warehouse environment.

sodium nitrate had always someone either production or storage regulation, to prevent leak products, cause unnecessary pollution.

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