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Sodium nitrate factory technical effect after improvement Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-20

sodium nitrate is important nitrate varieties, the chemical industry, light industry, medicine, machinery, metallurgy, agricultural and military industry and other industries have a wide range of USES, along with the development of the economy, market demand for sodium nitrate also gradually increased, sodium nitrate manufacturers are also facing severe challenges.

sodium nitrate manufacturers to improve the process equipment, increase the volume of reactor, extend the material inside the reactor residence time, increase production capacity. At the same time, manufacturers in the reactor sodium nitrate add air mixing plant, in order to make the material mix contact, promote chemical reaction, adding temperature, pressure control device, maintain the stability of reaction temperature and pressure.

sodium nitrate manufacturers directly and increase production technology, using nitric acid and caustic soda in the reactor, and producing sodium nitrate. At the same time, in order to meet market demand, with double craft production process,

sodium nitrate manufacturers of reaction time, reaction temperature, acid alkali concentration and the reactor material level are studied, with the best reaction conditions for producing sodium nitrate.

sodium nitrate manufacturers technology improved product quality has been significantly improved, also increased a lot of production, consumption decreased obviously. Ammonium nitrate and sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite and nitrate can be adjusted according to the market demand for products such as production, make the factory run up more flexible.

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