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Sodium nitrate - manufacturer for the purification of coarse salt method Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-15

sodium nitrate is important resources of nitrate, nitrite is non-renewable resources, less and less in the world, so in the development of nitrate resources in China, we must attach importance to the development of circular economy and maximize resource conservation, reduce energy consumption, so as to realize the recycling of resources, to improve the utilization efficiency of resources and biochemical rate and.

to purification of coarse salt, sodium nitrate manufacturer is mainly will be separation, purification preparation of industrial grade sodium nitrate, sodium nitrate salt realize recycling of sodium nitrate, thus no external environment to cause secondary pollution.

sodium nitrate manufacturer to compare different fe insolubles and other filter medium for the effects of the impurity removal, use silica filter cake, do the impurity removal rate can reach more than 77%. Because the microporous silica at 20 nanometers, uniform configuration and filter hole is smaller than filter and activated carbon powder, silicon dioxide by van der Waals force and hydrogen bond and covalent bond can adsorb more impurities, so as to achieve higher removing impurity effect.

a filter in the sodium nitrate manufacturer for subsequent oxidation conversion processes to provide good oxidation condition, reduce the oxidation of late the antioxidant, silica filter cake at the same time can also be used to filter for many times, recycling, reduce the cost.

sodium nitrate manufacturer of sodium nitrate salt purification, to make full use of resources, will be a small amount of sodium nitrite oxidation in sodium nitrate, sodium nitrate, the solution obtained using glass casserole filtration drying the sodium nitrate products.

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