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Sodium nitrate - manufacturer of granular sodium nitrate hardness improvement method Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-25

sodium nitrate is white or colorless crystals, is required to clear on the standard of industrial grade sodium nitrate, sodium nitrate is the appearance of the crystal white small, allowed light yellow or light grey.

industrial grade sodium nitrate belongs to the oxidant, in the process of transportation has more strict requirements, the national transportation safety and also dust content must be strictly controlled. The usefulness of sodium nitrate in agriculture is more and more big, the agricultural sodium nitrate has become a commonly used nitro nitrogen fertilizer in the world.

along with the rapid development of modern agricultural science and technology, automation of fertilization, grain hardness of agricultural sodium nitrate had the higher request, sodium nitrate manufacturers also have to improve the hardness of sodium nitrate.

sodium nitrate factory in the process of granulation is also to ensure that control product rate of shell, to a large number of empty shell or powder using back before melting in a way that secondary granulation, due to the increase of energy consumption, cost increase.

sodium nitrate to the industrial sodium nitrate in molten salt furnace melting, import a high thermal buffer tank, and then send it to in a device of the spray granulation tower department, later, will be after freeze drying of high pressure air intake pipe position from the top of the prilling tower into the tower, the phone is located in the bottom of the cooling sodium nitrate particles, packaging products.

sodium nitrate manufacturers to improve the hardness of sodium nitrate, sodium nitrate demand to adapt to the domestic agricultural market, in the concrete implementation, the shortage of the sodium nitrate manufacturers according to the technical proper optimization of equipment improvement.

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