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Sodium nitrate manufacturers how to improve the recovery of waste heat - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-26

sodium nitrate appearance of colorless transparent or white microstrip yellow diamond crystal, granular, powder is easy to agglomerate, has an important effect on industry, sodium nitrate manufacturers are also constantly improving production systems, including improving waste heat recovery problem.

sodium nitrate manufacturers improve in the production of waste heat recovery, can save energy consumption, reduce costs, improve product quality.

sodium nitrate manufacturers recycling waste heat basically has two, one is the export of high temperature oxidation furnace oxide mixture, another is the waste heat of steam in the evaporation process.

high temperature oxide mixed gas recycling, by means of waste heat boiler to produce a steam used for evaporation, it was almost in all the sodium nitrate in the factory have got the implementation. Sodium nitrate manufacturers through the effective measures to cool gas mixture of waste heat boiler, makes part of the waste heat has been effectively used, at the same time, reduce the heat load of the alkali absorption process, improve the efficiency of the absorption of the alkali absorption tower.

the evaporation system to produce waste heat steam can also be recycled, this some steam because the amount is larger, recycled fine, can greatly reduce energy consumption, saving the cost of the enterprise.

sodium nitrate manufacturers recycling the waste heat loss in the process of producing sodium nitrate, it is imperative to increase the income of the enterprise gradually become, in the market increasingly competitive today, the problem of how to reduce cost increase income has become a manufacturer of sodium nitrate is urgently needed to solve the problem.

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