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Sodium nitrate manufacturers use of sodium nitrate - waste brine production Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-25

sodium nitrate in the industrial production of the above function is very big, in the production of glass or enamel occupies the important position, at present our country sodium nitrate factory's annual production can meet the current market demand, has played a guiding role to the development of the downstream enterprises.

on the market at present in the production of edible salt and sodium sulphate, produces a certain amount of waste brine discharge, because of the limitation of technology, these waste brine generally abandoned, these waste brine containing large amounts of sodium chloride and sodium sulfate, caused the serious waste of resources, in order to solve the problem of this part of resources recycling, sodium nitrate manufacturers adopt the method of ion exchange method, to broaden the sodium nitrate in the production of raw material source, has played a positive role, and received good economic benefits.

sodium sodium nitrate factory by a certain concentration of ammonium nitrate solution leaching resin, sodium nitrate solution flowing from the exchange tower; Then, the concentration of sodium nitrate manufacturers adopt certain waste brine as regenerative agent, sodium ammonium leaching resin regeneration can be converted to type, effluent for ammonium chloride and ammonium sulfate in the mixture, and then go out solution of calcium and magnesium ions, iron ions and ammonium ion and other impurities.

sodium nitrate manufacturers to actual test of the method, to analyze the data, this method is reliable, can realize industrialized production, product quality is higher, in line with the requirements of national standard.

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