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Sodium nitrate products research the influence of the addition amount of cerium oxide rate - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-20

sodium nitrate on industrial application is very extensive, over the years gradually attention to rare on the market, some manufacturers were put forward by oxidizing agent for separating rare product, the method of sodium nitrate as the oxidant.

cerium as the effect of the rare products on the market is gradually, the market also have further requirements about the quality of the cerium. Use sodium nitrate as oxidant, through research, for the amount of sodium nitrate of is one of the largest factors impact on the rate of cerium oxide.

the more the amount of sodium nitrate, sodium nitrate decomposition reaction is more sufficient, the more oxygen is released, the cerium oxide is more fully.

after the test, the oxygen in air to cerium oxide rate also has very big effect, but the oxidation ability is limited, want to further oxidation, the oxidation of sodium nitrate will be needed.

factory tested, cerium oxide, the optimum process conditions for the amount of sodium nitrate is 10%, roasting time of 10 minutes, the temperature control at 750 degrees Celsius, so, cerium oxide rate can reach more than 98%.

sodium nitrate manufacturers producing sodium nitrate used in antioxidant, increase the usage scope of sodium nitrate, the demand of the market for sodium nitrate is also gradually increased, to further promote the development of the market.

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