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Spot imported from Russia boric acid

by:Yixin     2020-11-29

Shanghai appropriate xin chemical industry long-term large supply of imported Russian boric acid, absolutely original installation import, inventory adequate, large amount of the price.

the following is the product of the related introduction:

a, physicochemical properties,

appearance is white powder crystal or three oblique surface scaly crystallization with luster. Has a soapy feel, no smell. Relative density 1. 435 ( 15℃) 。 Soluble in water, alcohol, glycerin, ethers and essential oil, aqueous solution is a weak acid.

2, quality index


boric acid technical indexes ( H3BO3) ,%

101. Iron ion (1

Fe) ,%

0. Sulfuric acid root (0001

哌嗪 ,%

0. Chlorine ions (002

Cl) ,%

0. 0001

lead ions ( Pb) ,%

0. 0001

calcium ( Ca) ,≤ %

0. 005

arsenic ion ( As) ,≤ %

0. 0002

root phosphate ( PO4) ,≤ %

0. 001

water insolubles, & le; %

0. Three, product use 005

it is mainly used for glass and the glass fiber industry to improve the heat resistance and transparency of the glass, to improve the mechanical strength, shorten the melting time. Widely used in enamel, ceramic, welding, flame retardant, metallurgy, cement, personal health care products, nuclear industry, chemical industry, dye stabilizers, electroplating, smelting of rare metal, electrolytic capacitor, fire retardant paint, foundry casting, fabric, wood preservatives, pesticides, etc.

4, origin packing

origin: Russia.

packing: imported, 25 kg/bag

above is appropriate xin chemical sales by Russia boric acid are introduced, more specific parameters on product, price, transportation, packaging and other related information, can contact appropriate xin chemical, contact phone number:

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