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Strontium carbonate in the color display industry status quo

by:Yixin     2020-12-03

China CRT color TV industry to promote the rapid development of the fast growth of strontium carbonate industry, the height of the CRT color TV industry development in China, strontium carbonate in CRT industry consumption of more than 250000 t/a.

as China CRT color tube production enterprise on the judgment of the development of the market and enterprise's innovation ability and level is low, medium and long term development planning in domestic production technology, the second generation of color display device level is far behind the developed countries, the CRT color tube production enterprise transformation is extremely difficult, were closed, only 2 companies struggled, strontium carbonate in CRT consumption of color kinescope industry at present is only about 6000 t/a, all the CRT color display device will not take long to exit the market already.

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