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Study the preparation process of the product - barium carbonate manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-04

crystals or white powder, barium carbonate is a kind of particle has a lightweight barium carbonate and planting barium carbonate, play an important role on industrial production, are widely used in glass, ceramics, enamel, rubber and other industries.

different use in the field of barium carbonate crystal shape requirements for material difference is bigger, rod-shaped barium carbonate is mostly used in general industries, spherical ultrafine barium carbonate with high purity in the PTC thermistor components used in the production of more, this kind of resistance element can make capacitors with high dielectric constant and temperature characteristics, thus giving its miniaturization, light weight, large capacity, high frequency, such as specific, and needle type ultrafine barium carbonate mostly used in the microelectronics industry and packing of plastic, rubber and other industries.

barium carbonate manufacturer research know, raw material concentration and temperature on the production has a lot to do. With the increase of concentration of raw material, barium carbonate production rate will be increased, but if they will increase the proportion of single, will allow it to increase the yield of a small degree, therefore, barium carbonate manufacturers to adopt the suitable ratio can effectively increase the yield of barium carbonate.

for temperature, as temperatures rise, the yield of barium carbonate rapidly rising, but, when the temperature reaches 80, the yield of barium carbonate will not increase, the reaction to 6 h, it tends to be stable, presents the optimal reaction time.

barium carbonate manufacturer of barium carbonate synthesis process was studied, and sufficient fully enhance the yield of barium carbonate, and the resource is saved, and increase the enterprise benefit.

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