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Suggestions for further development of the potash manufacturer - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-16

potash use varied, now in the market of potassium carbonate have respectively made of light and heavy. Potassium carbonate manufacturers also gradually develop new varieties of potash, hoping to early gains!

in view of the potash market now, potash producer how development can only hold a dominant position in the market?

is an important use of potassium carbonate industry glass shell, in color TV and computer applications. As developing countries the dissemination and promotion of color television and personal computers, the future demand for potash, there is a lot of the industry.

at the same time, potash, fierce competition between manufacturers, prices downward trend year by year, the price of every large-scale fluctuation will be big impact for potash market, that is because the potassium carbonate proportion of consumption in the industry of glass shell is larger.

potash application range is very wide, the future of potash manufacturer should increase the intensity of potash in other aspects of market development, especially in medicine, food and rubber and other fields, the development potential is very big still.

potash manufacturers to improve the production process in our country, at present there is a congenital deficiency of ion exchange method, but also to strengthen production management, and further processing in waste water.

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