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Summary of boric acid manufacturer production technology at home and abroad

by:Yixin     2020-11-23

domestic boric acid manufacturers in China are mostly distributed in liaoning, because of its production capacity is limited, still yo import boric acid from abroad each year, imports of boric acid manufacturer with the United States, Russia, Turkey, Chile, Peru, Argentina, etc. Boric acid demand in China in recent years,

, a sharp increase in number of boric acid manufacturer co. , LTD. , in short supply, the gap will rely on foreign boric acid manufacturer to make up for. Building materials industry and the development of new material industry to the boric acid manufacturers do not need to worry about overproduction, bold prediction, also increases the demand for the boric acid.

it is the production of boric acid, in the late 80 s, the U. S. manufacturer of boric acid production boron products account for 45 of the world's total output. 7%, the United States is also established in boron city boasts the world's largest device of boric acid manufacturers. The boric acid manufacturers have boric acid, sulfuric acid in addition to the legal system also has carried out the exploration of new technology.

boric acid manufacturer established in the United States, at the same time, Turkey has also set up in their own country boasts Europe's largest device of boric acid manufacturers. Turkey boric acid manufacturer mainly sulfuric acid production.

as the boric acid factory production technology, to solve their own supply of boric acid in our country, the production process to further improve. The vast majority of boric acid manufacturer production step method is used to produce boric acid, of the mother liquor has not yet found the effective processing, waste of boron resources, and environmental pollution.

boric acid manufacturer development still has a long way to go, Shanghai xin appropriate chemical supply domestic boric acid and boric acid, hurriedly move finger contact!

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